Buy Prep In France

  • The present time is dealing with countless online drug stores to sell PrEP meds online. You can easily and lawfully purchase prep medicines by your own still we at grab prep strongly suggest you to consult your health advisor before you intend to take the medication. Ensure that the tablet you purchase is a mix pill and consists the same composition as the branded PrEP Truvada. We are one such online vender of PrEP drugs in the France submitting to the laws of the nation while guaranteeing best level of value at affordable prices with our scope of PrEP prescriptions like Tenvir, Recovir, Tavin, and Tenof. With us you can buy prep in france without any worries.

    There are numerous providers of prep online which often raises a question mark as where to but it from? We at grab prep assure you that we invest in quality control and maintain optimum levels of it through it. So the order when you receive it from us will be in exact condition in which we sent it i.e optimum. So now give your insecurities regarding buying prep online a break and order it from grab prep. We ensure the highest level of satisfaction with our quality and service.

Legality Of Buying Prep In France

If you want to buy prep in france, we assure you it is perfectly legal.

  • Legality of PrEP in France is upt that extent that the government is willing to provide it for free in the government clinics out there.
  • Truvada by Gilead (TDF/FTC): Approved
  • Generic versions of TDF/FTC (Tenvir-EM by Cipla, Ricovir-EM by Mylan, Tenof-EM by Hetero and Tavin-EM by Emcure) for prevention: Approved
  • For people who are at high risk of HIV infection
  • For HIV negative who is partner to a person who is HIV positive
  • For people who have not used condoms during sex for more than three months
  • For those men who do sex with men or trans-women

Importing Prep To France

Anybody residing in France have opportunity to buy and import medications to the nation without ignoring the lawful responsibilities. Please consider the following

  • The medication ought to be for individual use.
  • The amount of the medication must be confined to a three month use

This technique to purchase prep in France is best when the medication isn't accessible in the neighborhood.

And we suggest you to go for a couple of tests and best to contact a sexual health care expert to guarantee that it is safe for you to utilize the medication.

Authenticity And Quality Of Prep Sold Online

  • Certainly, there has to be a reasonable concern while purchasing prescriptions online however in the quick pacing world, online is the best approach.

    The tablets and other type of medications utilized for HIV prevention and treatment have been given a green signal by the governing bodies of different nations and medications like Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM and Tenof-EM are completely approved and passed by the American regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by the World Health Organization (WHO). Till date there have been many live declarations to the achievement, quality, and genuineness of the medication done through a blood test known as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). The test depicts the actual degree of the medication in the blood with no reactions and side effects.

    For sure the medication sold on the GrabPrEP online PrEP store is authentic. We can guarantee this since we manage quality medications and have worked in accordance with the governing policies and laws.

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