How to Get PrEP in the UK?

  • The present digital era is predominant with a vast number of online pharmacies to sell PrEP medications. You can conveniently and legally buy the drug by your own arrangements yet it is advisable you connect with a health advisor before you plan to take the drug. Make sure that the tablet you buy is a combination pill and behold the same ingredients as the branded version of PrEP Truvada. We are one such online seller of PrEP medicines in the UK abiding by the laws of the country while ensuring highest level of quality and affordability with our range of PrEP medicines like Tenvir, Recovir, Tavin, and Tenof. With us you need not worry how to buy prep in UK.

Authenticity and Quality of PrEP Sold Online

No doubt, there is an understandable concern when buying medicines online but in the fast pacing world, online is the way to go.

The tablets and other form of medicines used for HIV prevention and treatment have been approved by governing authorities of various countries and drugs like Tenvir-EM, Ricovir-EM and Tenof-EM are also approved by the American regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by the World Health Organization (WHO). Till date there have been many live testimonies to the success, quality, and authenticity of the drug done through a blood test known as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). The test determines the active levels of the drug in the blood with no side-effects and internal problems.

Indeed the drug sold on the GrabPrEP online PrEP store is genuine. We can claim this because we deal only with quality medicines and have worked in strict adherence to the governing policies and abiding laws.

Legality of Buying PrEP in UK

If you are buying PrEP for personal use in the UK it is perfectly legal. When talking about acceptance and approval in the United Kingdom, there are few regions with their own set of considerations:

  • In England the drug is available to people above the age 16 taking part in PrEP Impact trials through sexual health clinics
  • In Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland the drug is available through the NHS sexual health clinics

Be it any regions, the eligibility criteria for buying the drug remains the same:

  • People who are at high risk of HIV infection
  • HIV negative partner to a person who is HIV positive
  • People who have not used condoms during sex for more than three months
  • Men who do sex with men or trans-women

Importing PrEP to UK

Anyone being a resident of UK have freedom to purchase and import drugs to the country without disobeying the legal commitments. However, the following parameters should be taken into consideration:

  • The drug should be for personal use
  • The quantity of the drug should be restricted to a three month use

This method to buy PrEP UK is applicable when the drug is not available in the local area. However, you need to undergo a few tests and best to contact a sexual health professional to ensure that you are safe to use the drug.

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