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With a mission to transform the healthcare sector for both the patients and the medical service providers, we come we strive to bring a revolutionary change. Starting from the disease that impacts majority of the people due to sexual activities they undergo in their day to day life.

Depending on how often people do sex they are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV that are also spread into the human body through injected drugs. This has become a serious concern in the recent years and people getting infected are living a life difficult to handle and survive. Though not a death statement but yet a long battle to fight.

With this seriousness, why venture into treating the infection when there are approaches to prevent the multiplication of virus within the body, there are measures to get safeguarded from sexually transmitted infections. And that’s what we at GrabPrep strive for, giving you an opportunity to stay a sexually healthy life with PrEP medicines, known as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.

  • Our Range of PrEP Drugs

    The four generic forms of PrEP that we at GrabPrep deals into are:


    Ricovir-EM is a combination medicine used to inhibit the growth of HIV virus in the body and cause to cure infection caused due to sexually transmitted infection.


    Tavin is an antiviral medicine used to prevent HIV and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infections with close monitoring of liver and kidney functions.


    Tenof is a nucleotide reverse transcriptase that inhibits the working of the active substances responsible for the reproduction of virus. This in turn prevents the growth and multiplication of virus in the human body.


    Tenvir EM is a combination of drugs used for the prevention and management of Human Immunodeficiency Virus commonly known as HIV. This is a generic form of PrEP and can be safely used by adults and adolescents over 10 years with a minimum weight criterion of 30 kgs.

  • An Insightful Journey

    GrabPrEP started its journey with a mission to make PrEP available to everyone in need around the world with more convenience and affordability. This is because we want the game-changing drug to be easily accessible and possibly delivered wherever required with people making their own choice on HIV protection. Since inception, we have been delivering the required drug to people who need it the most at the lowest possible price.

    We take pride in being one of the most renowned and trustworthy online medicine providers dealing into a range of PrEP medicines. These medicines work to deliver the primary care to HIV negative people who indulge themselves in sex on a daily basis or on demand. The medicines enter into the system and fight the viruses that are sexually transmitted into the body.

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