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Welcome to GrabPrep

Grab-prep operated by Grab Group of Medicos is an online store that deals into PrEP medicines, medicines that play an integral role in improving in sexual health. We are a reputed company, supplying various medicines around the world successfully. With over thousands of customers and orders we believe in quality service and satisfaction of our customers as top priority. As we venture into online selling of these medicines, we help you gain control over your sexual health with a commitment of delivering PrEP medicines like Ricovir, Tavin, Tenof, and Tenvir that are convenient and affordable without any worries regarding the quality or originality of the product. So stop thinking and order now. When you have Grab prep - you can trust, blindly and completely!!

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What is PrEP

PrEP is an acronym for ‘Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis’ that defines an innovative approach to HIV prevention. The term narrates a complete story with clear significance to prevent HIV negative individuals from being infected when coming in contact with HIV positive people. The narration states:

  • ‘Pre’ defines ‘Before’
  • ‘Exposure’ defines ‘In contact with HIV’
  • ‘Prophylaxis’ defines ‘Treatment to prevent an infection’

The medicines also works to reduce the risk of infection in case of sex between gays, bisexual men, transgender women, heterosexual men, and people injecting drugs. Anyone can opt to choose ‘I want PrEP now’ to have an assurance that the occurrence of infection inside the body is effectively prevented. We at GrabPrep work to.

Benefits of PrEP

PrEP beholds many benefits for HIV negative adults and adolescents who are at high risk of being infected by the disease. The medication can:

  • Reduce substantial risk of infection.
  • Helps in controlling the spread of virus in the body.
  • Prevents the infection even through injected drugs.

There are considerable evidences based on the proven benefits of PrEP medications. Some of the known evidences are as follows:

  • As per the iPrEx study that was conducted as a clinical trial among 2499 men and transgender females to analyze the impact of antiretroviral medication on sex acquisition it was found that there was significant protection against HIV in participants who take the drug regularly.
  • As per the IPERGAY study conducted among 414 MSM (Doing Sex with Men) participants taking on-demand PrEP and the result was about 86% reduction in HIV infection.
  • As per the PROUD study conducted among 544 MSM to explore the actual effectiveness of the medications and the result was higher protection of HIV infections or any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Composition of PrEP

PrEP is available in two forms:

  • Branded drugs like Truvada manufactured by Gilead Sciences.
  • Generic forms like Tenvir EM manufactured by Cipla.

To state about the authenticity and quality of both the forms, both are approved by the US FDA. The branded version is the Truvada composed of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate and Emtricitabine that collaboratively work to stop the HIV virus from replicating within the body. On the other hand, the generic versions also have the same combination and deliver the same results. The only difference that they have is that the manufacturing company does not hold the original patent to manufacturing the type of medicine.

  • How to Take PrEP

    PrEP takes around seven days to reach the required level of protection against the HIV infection in rectal tissues and about 20 days in blood and vaginal tissues. However, it is not a cure for the sexually transmitted disease but certainly a preventive measure that should be followed precisely. How you take PrEP purely depends on how often you do sex and based on this categorization, there are majorly two ways:

    Daily PrEP:

    Daily dosage is recommended for people who are living under stressful conditions to stay free from HIV infection. Even if you miss one pill your body is able to restrict the growth of virus because with one pill on a daily basis you are able to get adequate protection.

    On-Demand PrEP:

    This is required for people who plan to do sex on specific days. Based on the demand of your sexual activity, you are required to take 2 pills about 24 hours prior to indulging in sex and 1 pill about 24 hours after doing sex. Under the scenario, you cannot miss any dose of medicine.

  • Generic Forms of PrEP

    The four generic forms of PrEP that we at GrabPrep deals into are:


    Ricovir EM Tablet is an antiretroviral medicine that acts as nucleoside a reverse transcriptase inhibitor to prevent the occurrence of HIV infections. We at Grabprep deliver quality medicine at your doorstep.


    Tavin EM is an antiviral medicine effectively used to restrict the multiplication of the HIV virus in the human body. Grabprerp delivers Tavin medicine for your use within the promised time.


    Tenof is an antiviral medicine used to prevent the entry and growth of human immunodeficiency virus commonly known as HIV. You can order the product through our website and we shall deliver it with quality packaging.


    Tenvir EM is the generic form of PrEP group of medicines used to prevent HIV infection in people above 12 years of age. You can buy Tenvie EM online through Grabprep with an assurance of quality product delivered within the committed deadline at your doorstep.

Global Acceptance and Use of PrEP

Global Acceptance and Use of PrEP

The branded PrEP Truvada was long approved and accepted for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012. The acceptance was attributed to the increased evidence of HIV in population with high risk of infection and was catered to reduce the risk of sexual acquisition. Gradually its use started to spread its use in various countries.

In the year 2016, Australia accepted its use with legal prescription for HIV prevention after approval from Therapeutic Goods Administration. Later in the year 2018, New Zeland started to fund the preventive approach with an aspiration to entice people for undergoing regular testing for various sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

By the end of 2019, the preventive approach was openly adopted by countries including South Korea, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Furthermore, when it comes to availability and pricing, each country has its own legal considerations:

In the United States, it is available only on the basis of prescription and when you think of the costing it is available at a prescription cost of around $10,000.

In California, it is available from trained pharmacists without any prescription.

In UK, it is available by prescription and when you think of how to get PrEP UK, you get a prescription at the cost of around £4,200/year.

In Australia, it is available listed in the part of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at a cost of $39.50 per month.

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